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To summarize a website visitor's written comments from Sacramento, CA about Gen. 2:19-20, where Adam names the animals, the writer presupposes that the naming process requires an acquaintance with the creatures "...suitable to their nature, or agreeable to some property or other observed in them...".  He concludes with "Adam obviously observed violent animal behavior before the creation of Eve and the 'fall', contrary to the teaching of some scholars that there was no death and violence before the 'fall'!  "...for 'Adam to become acquainted with the creatures', more than 120 animals, 'and to learn their relation to him', prior to naming them, requires an extended time much longer than 24 hours!!  All prior to the creation of Eve!"  

I would contend that actually the reverse happened; that people later associated the characteristics of the creatures with the name Adam gave them.  One's worldview determines how they will interpret Genesis 2:19-20.  The evolutionary worldview presupposes that long periods of time are needed for the animals to appear and that Adam having evolved after them had  plenty of time to observe their characteristics.  The creationist worldview will not read something into the text but take out of the text only what is written in it.  The sixth day of creation was a 24 hour day and not a long period of time needed by evolutionist.
Sacramento, CA website visitor, HDD, wrote about the carbon-14 dating process being reliable enough to question the Biblical 6,000 year old age of the earth.  He reports on a government study of bore hole samples taken on the island of Maui on the "...visible edges of lava flows and dig under and back into the soil buried by the lava flow to find charcoalized roots for radiocarbon dating.  Here are the results at 73 such locations, 390 years BP to 52,900 years BP.  (data as copied in 2009 from ,see report available at"  

He also tied C-14 dating to the bristlecone pine tree-ring sequences .  ` [Wikipedia-Dendrochronolgy downloaded 7.19.2017].  He concludes: "The consistent radiocarbon dating results on Haleakala show that the processes of volcanic flows running down the side of the volcano and covering growing vegetation has continued for more than the past 50,000 years!!"

There are several problems with the C-14 dating process.  Some of the main problems are the assumption that Dr. W.E. Libby, the originator of the C-14 dating process, assumed that the balance of atmospheric concentration of C-14 to C-12 was equalized.  The stability of C-14 location in a sample has not changed over time.  A more thorough review of the problems can be found at which is listed at website under the 
"Apologetics" heading.