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(Aug 2018) Our friend from Sacramento, CA as “If the Deluge of Noah’s time was global and a massive kill off of all land animal species and only those species on the Ark survived, how could it be that the marsupials are located far from the land spot of the Ark in the mountains of Ararat (Armenia) and they are not found in Eurasia?



Prior to his question, he presented an impressive report on the characteristics and locations of the extant marsupials.  He also provided his own two-page answer.  Essentially, he say, …and the Deluge of Noah’s time was a local flood that as Peter wrote; 2Pe 3:5 & 6 For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water, whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished: (KJV).  He believes, “the concept of a worldwide flood comes from he ‘global’ language used by the translators in Genesis chapters 6 thru 8” as being the main reason why people believe in a global flood.  I agree with him that the exegetical understanding of these chapters does indeed emphatically state that it is a global flood.


He goes on to make his point that in Genesis 41:56-57 that the Hebrew word for “earth” (erets) in the KJV has been replaced by “land” in several other Bible versions, e.g. ESV, YLT, LITV, ERV.  He believes, “The same principle applies to the flood narrative in Genesis chapters 6 through 8, it is better to replace “earth” with “land”, the land being a limited portion of the planet Earth for the scope of the Deluge!!  The flood of Noah’s time was thus a local flood!!  (Emphasis is mine).


When a word has more than one meaning, and both meanings are used in an argument, this is committing the logical fallacy of equivocation.  This is commonly used with the word “evolution.”  Evolution can mean either a slow gradual change in something OR the hypothesis of life coming from dead chemicals to goo, to zoo, to you; as in ”I know evolution (goo to you; Catfish into cats) is true because we see evolution (slow changes over time as small changes within dogs, no additional to DNA genome) happening all the time!” The word “earth” also can have different meanings.  It can refer to the planet earth, a plot of ground, or any portion of the planet.  Trying to change the meaning from what is clearly written and understood is called “eisegesis” – reading into the Scriptures something that is not there.  This is the opposite of “exegesis” which is defined as the determination of the meaning of the biblical text in its historical and literary contexts.


To answer the original question, marsupials were able to travel across land bridges during the ice age to all parts of the earth.  As the weather and environment changed over time, the short haired or animals that could not adapt to cooler climates or drastic changes in vegetation died off.  Also look at Hydroplate Theory on YouTube.